UK Rapper Kid Bookie Convulses Our Souls with Latest Visual “Drowning”


The muted issues are the ones that need to be discussed the most. Rape and abuse ,of any kind, marks as those type of mum topics but UK Rapper Kid Bookie uses his mass medium platform to lyrically and visually confer with listeners the inexorable reality of the aforementioned controversies.

The stellar self and James Sims directed visual to the Lewis Cullen produced track “Drowning” lifted off his EP Shake Up warrants to be one of his most contentious releases to date. “Drowning” is enthralling and onyx , no doubt , but its content is necessary. Rape, abuse, suicide, addiction are all issues that need to be highlighted instead of swept under the proverbial rug of silence. 

The visual trails through the day of a woman clearly suffering from substance abuse amid physical abuse as well, it all proves too much for her and she ends her life bringing the video to its denouement. It’s an arduous task to stomach the imminent truths but the fact remains that these are matters that should be laid to rest before we are. Sonically this record mirrors a drowning its self by swallowing you into its moment as you dive head first into the grim realities of exploitation; indulge below. 

Bookie reflects, “‘I understand this is not pretty, nor is it something I expect anyone to turn round and say ‘great video, the grading was amazing’, if anything this is a conversation piece, a narrative of discussion displayed in its most raw, uncut form, break the stigma of turning a blind eye because we do not see tragedy, this is tragedy and I will never stop depicting the darkness of the world as long I live, enlightenment is a great torch to carry, do not stay in the dark because being comfortable allows you to not see, sorry to all the women and men that have struggled with speaking, i’m no advocate but I exist with you, fuck rape and fuck suicide.”