Olivia Nelson Releases a Classic Project with EP ‘For You’

Real music lives in those who give it a pulse like Olivia Nelson. 

The London songstress Olivia Nelson, last featured for her vocally spine-chilling record “Smother Me” returns with an impressively ikonic full length body of work entitled  For You . The beauty of this compilation of tunes is its connate aptitude to meld genres of soul  and blues over mostly acoustic executions. She allows her vocals to be the star of this featureless vibe.

Simply put, every record is an instant head-bobbing vibe oozing with minimal production, range, joy, pain and growth.

If Solange , Ella Mai and India Arie had a baby Nelson would be the offspring.

One of my favorite releases of 2018 to date because it bleeds with lyrical intensity pollinating each listener into a music experience that can last in and out of time. With imagery permeated lines likes, “Been throwing stones on the moon, wondering how to get to you,” she sculpts quite the narrative. She’s stunning in every way and this project hearkens like hours well spent from the attention to detail to it’s aurally pleasing flare – she’s bewitching, raw and immortal with vintage tracks like “Sugar” to stupefying tracks like “Smother Me” and “Chameleon.” The industry will rhapsodize about this project because it deserves all the glory. Stream or purchase For You on your favorite music distribution site here

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