Makk Mikkael Releases Candid and Sensual New Track “Use Me”

When does addiction begin to take over – once we succumb to its power.

A grunge, dark , euphoric admittance of a boomerang type love, Mikkael fuels our ears with her latest release “Use Me.” The teenage sensation last featured for her haunting single “How It Feels” returns with her new intoxicating record “Use Me” riddled with needle like punctures allowing the vibe to seep through. The ebony overcast type track sifts through lyrical inundations of pain, drug use and realization.

A record like this one speaks to the souls of many. We all have addictions. We are all faced with ruthless demons thus confronting us with a great recrudescence of avoided perils but we have to overcome, address the issue head on and thrive. Allow Mikkael’s “Use Me” to be that musical therapy for you, indulge below.

Mikkael reflects on the records: “Use Me” by Makk Mikkael has a dark edgy twist to it that pulls you in. “Initially my producer and I were feeling the production done for the 50 shades of grey soundtrack. I wrote the track with a friend who’s an amazing songwriter and we started with the typical guy/girl, partying vibe but the message transitioned more into a girl being addicted to drugs, specifically heroin. With that visual the song basically wrote itself and told a story. “She keeps coming back for more it’s always there she always needs it, it’s toxic but she’ll never be free from it”. “Use Me” is the most commercial sounding song I’ve released this far in my career. The new stuff on the album has it’s own feel. Still super dark but I’m experimenting with different sounds, elements and emotions, which I like. “