Lo Lo Releases Daring New Single “Convenient”

Women are the strength of the world, the arbitrators of decisions and the leaders of their own fate.

Lo Lo , last featured for her love nostalgic single “Yours” returns with this daring and candid new single “Convenient” about the convenience of a rebound man indeed. Dripping with witty lines like, “…Think you made a typo, you were just a body next to mine, I call you John Doe, now I’m getting high off of all your little low blows,” it’s evident that she’s intrepid in her pen game. Break ups are hard but rebounds soften the blow and give the fall to rock bottom a slight cushion upon landing. However, let’s be clear you can’t play the coach – Lo Lo makes that very apparent. “Convenient” is an anthem for those just going through a break up, those needing inspiration on how to go about it and those wanting to hear form a brawny woman doused in raw reality.

Lo Lo reflects on the single, “After my breakup, I was feeling low and looking for anything to make myself feel better. I had a lot of wild nights. I connected with someone that finally made me feel better. Not that I needed someone else to feel better, but let’s face it – being alone can suck. He was a great distraction and we had an awesome time together…but that’s all it was. I was still always thinking about my ex. After the summer, the new guy and I went our separate ways. One night, I found out that he was spreading some lies about me and making it out to seem like I was SOOOO into him.”