IKONIC VISUAL: Keaira Lashae “Trunk Prod. Kendrick444”

A woman of true power is strategic, uniform in her choices but unrelenting no matter, once she has been wronged. Keaira Lashae’s new single “Trunk” is an anthem for the ruthless!

Keaira Lashae, artist, songwriter, fitness guru, author and entrepreneur, last featured for her ageless EP Purple Crowns returns with the release of her latest Kendrick444 produced banger “Trunk.” Forcing yourself to box this track into one genre would prove quite the onerous assignment. “Trunk” fuses vibes and melodies from then and now amid concurrently melding sounds of soul, hip-hop and modern waves. It’s an anthem for anyone that’s been damaged, lied to or cheated on by someone they once called “baby.”

The visual drives the lyrical imagery home as a plucky Lashae rolls up with two of her loyal “on-go” riders to confirm what her womanly instincts already knew – lies, deception, thievery and he thought he got away with it. The now scorned vessel approaches her lying boyfriend’s mother’s home with a ski-mask, bat, .44 cocked, duffel bag and some rope. Her vengeance will be exacted but to what lengths is she willing to go, stay tuned and check out the visual for “Trunk,” stream it on your desired music distribution platforms and be sure to insert #TrunkChallenge while you’re grooving to her latest release.