Dream Doll Goes Awf on ‘Life in Plastic 2’

 Dream Doll  finally releases the highly awaited second installment of her Life in Plastic series with Life in Plastic 2 boasting with 10 tracks amid features from the ikonic Lil’ Kim and David Lee to name a few. This Doll is more than just a vixen perfectly sculpted, dripping in nitid aesthetics but she’s indeed transforming into a true creator of this thing we call music. With previous successful hits like “Everything Nice” and “Team Dream” we can expect this project to be entangled in that same web of global appeal, that same grit and that lovable candidness she presents. She opens the project with “When Its Over,” a thereputic crooning and rapping mix brimming with her story amid her distinct rising place in hip-hop amongst its Queens but not to be compared to. Concluding the project with “Real One” a new island infused vibe. 

What can you expect from this compilation: records of sensual appeal, overweening anthems, club bangers and some inevitable tracks that are paeans to the ladies. With each release she proves that she is more than a reality star but indeed a true rising star. It’s a great time to be a female in hip-hop and music’s newest doll is manifesting that fact. Check out Life in Plastic 2 here.

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