Jessie Reyez Drops Another Blunt Banger “F*** Being Friends”

If you make music, what will you be remembered for – records of substance-less poppycock or records of blantant thoughts, explicit lyrical declarations of life as you know it and a pure love for the sonic arts. Jessie Reyez represents that necessary rawness.

Cruising at a peaking altitude off the success of previous recent releases like “Body Count,” “Apple Juice” and of course her recent features on Eminem’s  Kamikaze album it’s safe to assume that she’s not letting up anytime soon. The unhampered spirit and lyrical activist releases her latest tendentious outcry with “F*** Being Friends,” oozing with bold lines like “ I got your heart in my hand and your d*** in the other, you ain’t scared to f*** but you’re scared of being lovers,” it’s evident that she’s not afraid to use her music as a release. Being friends is overrated when too many emotions or physical attachments are still present so cut the bull and be real.

An artist like Jessie Reyez is as rare as an albino alligator.

From the dawn of her career she’s been gallant in her approach to music and this latest addition is no acception. Take a listen below. 

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