London Songstress Naomi Banks Releases Her Ageless Debut Single “Hourglass”

 “Hourglass is about not realising the importance of someone until they have gone away.” – Naomi Banks

A voice like cashmere and a soul to match.  

Good gosh, Naomi Banks knows how to mesmerize the ears. Her debut release “Hourglass“ percolated in riveting lyricism and a tale of love and time lost imbued in an ocean of soul, blues and jazz influences makes this quite the legendary musical daybreak. The complete opposite of modern day jabberwocky , this record is a whole vibe. Despite this being her first solo project, Naomi Banks has worked alongside and recorded with a variety of established musicians: Keane, Laura Mvula, ELO and Lianne La Havas to name a few.

The 25 year old neo soulstress scultped this track so faultlessly with the climatic production to match. “Hourglass” is a perfect sonic display of how to amalgamate genres. You feel this record because it harps on one of the entities we truly have no control over – time – cherish it with those while they’re present not during their departure.  

Listen here.  

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