Qveen Herby – “LLC Remix” (Nicki Minaj)

Who doesn’t love to hear a female rip the mic ? It’s a unique soul experience that makes your head-bob and mouth turn up in adulation.

Singer, songwriter and rapper Qveen Herby snaps over the instrumental to Nicki Minaj’s single “LLC” off her Queen album. Her flow switches adroitly and her pen game is effortlessly impressive. She has a cadance and delivery that hauls you in juxtaposed with her striking aesthetics thus creating quite the force to be reckoned with. That transfixing lilt, lyrical honesty and colorful wordplay divorces her from the masses. If you like your music coherent, genre boundless, witty and eternal then allow Herby to be your new afflatus. Check out her rendition of “LLC” below. 

 Check out more from Herby below. 

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