Fiona Harte – “White Picket Fence”

Is that poetry we hear over acoustic guitar stylings amid an emotional delivery and execution ? 

Northern Irish Singer-Songwriter Fiona Harte currently based in New York City releases her debut single “White Picket Fence,” a timeless track without a doubt. With heart-binding lines like, “I wanna be the one, be the one that got away.” Love , the most immortal of song topics, proves most legendary of material for this new industry gem.

Her alluring and trained pipes waylays your ears in soul snatching form. The Kelly Levacher directed visual was shot in Williamsburg NYC and it maintains a beautiful simplicity thus causing listeners to focus on the poetic lyricism. Love shouldn’t be pernicious but indeed healthy and beneficial. Allow Harte to guide you through her version of love gone awry and the fortitude she possessed to leave.

Harte reflects on the single, “It’s about being in love with someone but having the sense to know it isn’t a promising or compromising relationship. The song focuses on how your desired person can control your emotions by doing so little. Even though the song portrays as sad, the White Picket Fence refers to having hope, perhaps for that love or another.”



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