Devvon Terrell Invokes Some Societal Turbulence with his New Aptly Titled Visual “N.F.L (No Fake Love)”

Devvon Terrell’’s new single “N.F.L” could come at no better time than now, a pivotal moment in our history, present mindsets and willingness to accept our own freedoms.

Has Terrell out done himself with this latest visual? Lyrically he’s always been quite the mastermind of words but this record’s chutzpah and gall drives him up the totem pole another couple notches. With the recent “controversial” Colin Kaepernick Nike ad, police brutality, modern day racism and gun violence to name a few stirring around these current times this self-directed video highlights the importance of unity in lieu of feuding.

Terrell explains, “The number 7 is Colin Kaepernick’s jersey number. 1 is a symbol of the first breath of the universe it is the keynote to uniting humankind with each other, Spirit Guides, the Gods and other realms. The men in suits with lion mask symbolize authority. The white gloves come from and old time of honor. The suits symbolize the corporate structure of America.”

This is no fly-by-night visual but indeed a carefully thought out production that blares with the positive energy necessary amid concluding with a compelling statement from Terrell. Listen closely, repost and share this visual – it’s vital.

Terrell reflects, “When I say let’s not get to hype now. It’s me crying for help that besides the noise and constant showcase of outrage a sensible and intelligent conversation can be had instead of the constant boisterous banter that we have grown to constantly seeing. Showing that we can all deep down conduct ourselves like adults.”



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