Philly’s Own Kre Forch Releases Some Thorough, Classic Hip-hop on Latest Project ‘More Than Music’

Real hip-hop doesn’t go out of style, or sift in and out of time periods – it’s immortal, forever and artists like Kre Forch keep the hip-hop pulse thumping.

Forch’s latest release More Than Music is not only ageless but quintessential. Real hip-hop heads know the name but for those who haven’t heard the legendary rap stylings of Forch your in for quite the treat topped with real bars, wit, veracity, grit and a rapacious hunger to make this thing we call music. With controversial societal outcries like the duly titled record “ New Slave” or nostalgic, potent tracks like “Home Wrecker,” no matter which track you listen to first or last each one will hearken with necessary narratives and clearly understood bars.

From the man who said, “Like Philando girl and his daughter ain’t traumatized ‘cause a simple traffic stop turned to a homicide ‘/ It’s open season on my skin tone…,” you’d be sleep to not listen to someone this woke.

Listen to More Than Music here.