Eminem Responds with Official MGK Response Diss Track “KILLSHOT”

We knew the time would come and Eminem finally drops his MGK response record fittingly titled “KILLSHOT” seeing as that he’s lyrical aiming at every topic discussed in MGK’s diss. To be honest in a battle with someone as legendary as Eminem there really is no winning. His footprint is firmly planted in hip-hop, deeply rooted. “KILLSHOT” inevitably reminds us of the lyrical warfare Marshall Mathers can unleash. MGK did go off on “Rap Devil” but did Eminem go harder?

Ikonic lyrics:

My biggest flops are your greatest hits

The games mine again and ain’t nothing changed but the locks 

So before I slay this b**** muah give Jadakiss  

Check it out below, what team are you choosing?

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