“My P**** teaching ninth grade English.” Noname – “Self” / IKONIC ALBUM – ‘Room 25’

Music your evolution is beautiful and who better to aid in your flowering than the already ikonic and radical Noname.

“Self” the intro off her agelessly defiant album Room 25, hearkens with an almost tornado like effect swarming anybody in close proximity into its nucleus. If you’ve ever questioned Noname’s rapping abilities, you have been perpetually silenced with this body of work. She’s not merely a rapper but an all around artist – a true creator and manipulator of frequency bending.

Room 25, a conscious compilation that listens like diary like revelations of the world around her, her unwillingness to be ignorant, her relational understandings, political awareness and her maturation as a woman thriving in this tumultuous and bigoted society. She inculcates poetic and spoken-word-like delivery divorcing her from a good bulk of the contemporary “music makers.” Simply put – she’s genius and organic. Check out her album Room 25 here and listen to the intro below.

Ikonic lyrics “Self”:

Maybe this is the entrance before you get to the river
I had him before the heathen no reason for you to like me
Maybe this your wifey just wanting a clean divorce
The baby ain’t really yours, that’s really for babies teething
The chicken wings under-seasoned
Y’all really thought a bitch couldn’t rap huh?