Pardison Fontaine & Cardi B Spazz on “Backin’ It Up”

A dynamic duo, that we’ve all witnessed evolve over this most recent year , finally release this collaborative effort with their new sure fire track, “Backin’ It Up.”

New York natives Pardison Fontaine and Cardi B team up and drop a Frank Lucas’ ‘blue magic’ cocaine pure banger – it’s simply undeniable – this record is major! Both MC’s take their pen games to new levels feeding off each other in a great way. The title , however, can be a bit misleading but so aptly dubbed. Fans probably thought this would be a single all about voluptuous rears but this records an anthem for those who walk it like they talk it and can back up what they claim with receipts, physical force or any other means necessary.

The clean cut visual features a stunning melanin doused beauty that Fontaine gawks at in admiration of her womanly curves, power, beauty and boss mentality. While a surprisingly, but well concealed five months pregnant , at the time, Cardi B gifts us vintage looks and modern style for her cameo. Check it out below.