A voice wrapped in controlled delicacies, applaudable range and award-worthy lyricism would begin to sum up Canadian singer-songwriter LIZ LOKRE and her new single “Stop Runnin.”

LIZ LOKRE unveils the visuals for her brand new single “Stop Runnin’,” a song she wrote for the movie “Little Italy” (starring Emma Roberts, Hayden Christensen and Alyssa Milano). “Little Italy” was released in theaters across Canada on August 24th and is set to be released in US theaters on September 21st by Lionsgate Films. The self written, Adrian X produced and Michael Freeman mixed track blares a robust sound. The simple yet enrapturing visual flatters her lyrical efforts. “Stop Runnin” is not merely a song but indeed a record that shows off her vocal spectrum, obvious ikonic pen game and knack for creating music that oozes with narrative.

Speaking of the songwriting process, she details “When I was approached to write a song for “Little Italy” I knew it had to evoke a certain romantic comedy worthy emotion. Stop Runnin’ is about a girl who could have the world if she wanted it, but she discovers everything she’s wanted has been there all along.. it captures that moment when Emma’s character Nikki finally lets her guard down. I rarely finish a song in one night – if I do it’s by some miracle, and Stop Runnin’ was one of those rarities.”

Artists like LOKRE aren’t momentary but indeed rising legends. Music fits her being like the perfect Friday night dress. Her debut album is set to release in 2019 but in the meantime stay preoccupied with her tasty, cinematic appetizer below.


More than just a pretty face…

Surrounding the release of her debut single “Rise Up!” LIZ founded the #RiseUpMovement which focuses on youth empowerment. On days off her tour schedule, she hosts workshops in Toronto schools where students discuss their strengths and the ways they can positively impact their communities. Look out for LIZ’s debut album set to be released in 2019.