IKONIC EP’s – Jeremy Zucker – ‘summer,’

Instant vibes and the perfect project to conclude summer, Jeremy Zucker’s short but sweet EP lyrically delves into topics of loneliness, fun, love, desire and realizations.

Singer, songwriter and producer Jeremy Zucker who first earned his well deserved acclaim with his breakout pop single “All the Kids are Depressed,” displays his evolution with this most recent body of work. Kicking off summer, with “comethru” which revels in being lost in ones imagination and needing someone to come through and balance the lows. Closing the project with a candid and reflective single like “firefly” reveals his avidity for musical frankness and integrity – fans can’t get close to an artists who refuses to be authentic but luckily Zucker bares it all. The peanut butter and jelly subsists in the three middle tracks, “selfish,” “thinking 2 much,” and “desire” all wallowing in contemplation.

summer, plays in warmth but dips into the climate changes one goes through in life from cold dark egotistical moments to the sunny rays of joy evoked by a soul that matches yours.

Take a listen to his EP here or on your desired music distribution platform.