IKONIC VISUAL: Francine Belle – “Beautiful Heights”

When you add the right team of fuel to an artist that’s already naturally ablaze, the inferno aftermath would be London-raised, Paris-born singer-songwriter Francine Belle and her debut single “Beautiful Heights.”

A debut record with a sound this robust would come as a shock for the average fly-by-night musician. However, more than just a beautiful face, Belle studies at The BRIT school, she also holds a degree in English Literature from Cambridge University, all in addition to her passion for singing, writing and producing music. When you combine her intellect with her training and her obvious love for the sonic arts the outcome hearkens something like this. “Beautiful Heights” tells the lyrical narrative of lovers that rise high above the worldly perils, quixotic expectations of self and the rise from the basement of calamity to the endless abyss of nirvana.

Belle sings, “Lucky lovers we’re riding on the sky above us / We’re shedding all our earthly anchors / The only way is up.

The stunning picturesque visual displays an alluring Belle with a frenzy of others as aesthetically pleasing as she. The colors, the vivid depiction, the style – it all divorces her from the modern mob amid having performed backing vocals for singer-songwriter legend Elton John and award-winning artist Bright Light. She’s a gem, no doubt about it, check out her debut release below.

On her latest single, ‘Beautiful Heights’, Francine Belle explains: “This song came to me in a dream almost fully formed – chorus melody and lyrics. I rolled over in bed grabbed my phone and recorded the voicenote, before promptly falling back asleep. I think I still have the voicenote, with yawns in it and everything.