IKONIC ALBUM: Talay ‘All Gold No Diamonds’

Real music surfaces on Talay’s latest body of work All Gold No Diamonds.

This isn’t just a hustlers album but a classic project that lyrically details Talay’s life, story, pain, joy and growth. The Gainesville , GA native mirrors music for it’s authentic use of storytelling and clear phrases in his latest album All Gold No Diamonds laced with 13 tracks amid features from Knucky Johnson, Porchmonkey Pat, King Elway and Rax Rebl. Each track from anthems like “Focus” to classics like “Long Way” and nostalgic tracks like “Heaven for Thugs” dip lyrically into Talays, past, present and subconscious further enhanced by the production stylings of Justified Beats, Kenny b uh Fool, Carter X and 4point0lehgo amid crisp engineering by 4point0lehgo as well.

The acclaim of his first hit single “Trap N***a Time” earned him some much deserved notoriety and this full length project is what all the fans have been patiently waiting for. All Gold No Diamonds will be one of the most brazen, therapeutic, solid, open and pure bodies of work of 2018.

Talay says of the project, “The process of creating All Gold No Diamonds was taking real life, my current situation, my relationships, my thoughts and views of the world today and turning them into songs. The intent was to give listeners my point of view of issues pressing me at this current moment in my life. The project not only shows my growth musically but my battle growing from a “trapper” to a legit businessman.”

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