Jessie Reyez – “Imported” ft. JRM

Jessie Reyez releases another dope sonic vibe from her Being Human in Public album entitled “Imported” in the form of a candid ballad with JRM. There’s no doubt that this album fits her daring soul and valiant pen game. Reyez is renowned for her arresting vocals but she doesn’t just sing a song, she gifts you the lyrical emotion as well, jerking you into her moment and this record is no exception. “Imported” isn’t just a tune but indeed a form of therapy, a record dripping in post-relationship outcries, good and bad ideas, false faces and cognizance.

You can’t get over what you haven’t got past and moving on prematurely can be disastrous and non-advantageous when the wrong souls are linked post-relationship-partum. But ,as we all know, the choice is yours.

Being Human in Public:

1. _______
2. Apple Juice
3. Sola 
4. F*** Being Friends
5. Dear Yessie 
7. Body Count (Remix) ft Normani & Kehlani

Is this record one or six? It would be a great opening record or the perfect almost-last track; either way it’s an undeniable record!

Listen to “Imported” here.

Jessie Reyez:

Hi, my name is Doesn’t Matter
I like making bad decisions
Let’s wake up like nothing happened
If we do it, say we didn’t
If your friends ask if you hit it
You can tell them, I’ll admit it
I wear that shit like a badge
‘Cause I know that I got that kitty