Mario Releases his First Album in a Decade with ‘Dancing Shadows’

Maturity and evolution never sounded so good!

Mario’s latest release Dancing Shadows , laced with  11 featureless tracks, hearkens like lyrical wisdom, RnB style shifting, flawless range, good energy and time well spent. It’s not just an album loaded with love songs but an album of growth, life, encouragement and realizations. From daily anthems like “Good Times” to passionate records like “Care for You” to classics like “One Man Woman;” Mario’s got your heart, subconscious and hustle covered on this latest album.

 “I called it Dancing Shadows because I’m illuminating parts of myself that I never have before,” he said of his project. 

His transparency in this body of work is palpable and appreciated. You can let this project just play through; it’s arranged for such. It’s been a a long time coming but this album – well worth the wait.

Listen to Dancing Shadows here.