IKONIC VISUAL: Arlissa Releases the Riveting Visual to her ‘We Won’t Move’ Single from “The Hate U Give” Soundtrack


The years have progressed inevitably but the injustice remains, the racial profiling, police brutality, prejudice out-lashings, blatant discrimination, are all still prevalent. London singer-songwriter Arlissa takes to telling a lyrical how-to of how we can overcome such inequality through her single ‘We Won’t Move’ from “The Hate U Give” soundtrack.

The spine-chilling and tear-jerking visual cascades through flashes of oppression and barbarity inflicted by those who we’re supposed to call on in times of danger, premature funerals and sadness but it also displays strength, pride and the victories that can be achieved when one or many are unswerving. Her puissant lyrics and powerful, flawless delivery bring the records strength and weight around full circle. A beautiful record, an indispensable message and the most quintessential timing; check out the visual for “We Won’t Move” below.

IKONIC lyrics:

Sweep it underneath the rug / Doesn’t mean the dirt won’t come up

There’s a fire burning up / Only thing stronger than hate is love

We need a change (Oh yeah) /Or some amazing Grace (Mmmm)

Won’t be quiet anymore / Not unless they hear us loud and clear

Damage can’t be undone Lets not pretend it disappears / We need a change Or some amazing grace