Brent Faiyaz Drops Another Classic with New EP ‘Lost’

A voice of pure nostalgia, peculiarities, lyrical openness and organic vibes begins to sum up the Baltimore native hit-maker Brent Faiyaz and his new EP Lost dripping in six dope tracks. Listening to Faiyaz allows the subconscious to drift into the 90’s Donell Jones, Jon B. sonic waves with a huge rush of modernity – a pristine mix. From dauntless and tendentious tracks like “Poundz” to switch up tracks like “Target On My Chest” he adroitly showcases his versatility. A body of work that lyrically details his trust issues, combats with fame, tussles with reality and his world as he sees it – now.

You can leave Lost on repeat with the lights off or a road-trip ahead. The under-dog always comes out on top and a talent like Faiyaz’s will be listened to for years to come. This isn’t momentary music but indeed legendary, ageless tunes. Take a listen to his most recent release here.


1. Why’z It So Hard
2. Came Right Back
3. Trust
4. Around Me
5. Poundz
6. Target On My Chest

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