Jessie Reyez Releases One of her Most Personal and Plainspoken Bodies of Work with ‘Being Human In Public’

As promised Jessie Reyez has released her album song by song but now you can listen to this project in its’ entirety. Being Human In Public is unapologetically one of the most candid and open compilations of 2018. Reyez acclaimed for her previous bold tracks like “Shutter Island” and the infamous “Gatekeeper” unleashes that same grit and controversy with singles like “F*** Being Friends” and “Body Count Remix” featuring Normani & Kehlani.

Her intimate narratives are given a pulse through her music; she holds nothing back. What will you gain from this body of work – truth, head-bobbing vibes, adulation of her fearless demeanor, a means of coping through her lyrical messages that relate to you and a sonically splendid experience thanks for her undeniable vocals.

Listen to Being Human In Public here.