Michael Bernard Fitzgerald Releases an Unorthodox Ballad with “I Miss You”

Love, heartbreak, expectation, let’s bundle it all up and pour it out over calming production, compelling tone and eccentric, spotty delivery – that’s Michael Bernard Fitzgerald’s single “I Miss You” off his About You EP. The heartbeat like introduction juxtaposed with his lackadaisical yet harrowing execution makes this record not only heard but felt. There’s something impeccably quirky and free spirited about this track, about his music in general as you’ll hear defying the laws of common structure and allowing raw emotion to lead the sonic tide.

Fitzgerald reflects, “I wrote “I Miss You” a while ago in LA. It details that almost irrational longing that people feel for one another. I created the lyric some time ago – felt it was honest and sincere. For a while, I forgot about the song, but found a different way to play it and started ending my shows with it.“

An ageless tune and the perfect complement to his six song featureless EP About You doused in introspective lyricism, stunning metaphors, faultless imagery and transparency.

Listen to About You here.