Lady Leshurr Unleashes her Inner Monster Again in “3AM In Brum”

When listing the top MC’s of our modern generation, Lady Leshurr rests cozily on that catalog. Her latest release “3am In Brum” is nothing shy of lyrically astounding. The U.K bombshell and Queen’s Speech spitter gives off an undeniably transferable energy. When she raps you feel the hunger, your head bobs and your face turns up in approbation at her penned sagacity.

Leshurr represents rap in its infancy of storytelling over production and her latest release brimming with a 90’s aura and that nostalgic hard-bodied delivery makes this track another one to add to her list of successes. Check it out below.

Ikonic lyrics:

Here comes the “big baddie” / Big bars big talent / You’re invalid

Big bank big balance / Got a big batty / Flows hot it’s in Cali

And it’s static I don’t need a Big Daddy

Man it’s 20L8 and I’m back & full of force / You don’t wanna go there like there’s acid on the floor