Jaylii Goes Crazy on The Progress Report’s First All Female CypHER

It’s a great time to be a female in hip-hop and Jaylii proves that every time she blesses a mic!

Last featured for her fire freestyle over Blac Youngsta’s “Booty” instrumental, Jaylii returns with these undeniable bars on The Progress Report’s first all female CypHER which features Pap Chanel (Macon, GA), Loyalty Tee (Atlanta, GA), and Ziggy (DMV) as well. Jaylii goes off for almost two minutes skillfully switching her flows and keeping the viewers entertained – simply put – she’s a star.

What will you gain from this freestyle – an understanding of her hustle, inevitable star ranking, her real life battles, relational preferences, some haughty punchlines and more!

It’s more than rap for Jaylii, its about the artistry. She’s mastering the art of being a frequency bender and wordsmith – this freestyle proves that. Her contagious verve amid her Einstein like flair for melding modern cadence and swagger with an obvious nostalgic hip-hop flow divides her from the majority. Jaylii doesn’t represent mumble rap and promiscuity for viral gain but indeed represents real rap, real music. Check out her latest freestyle below and be sure to stream or purchase her Put Yourself On project!

Jaylii raps:

On another note I been a threat they wanna benefit

I love b*****s I’m a feminist who body instruments

It’s a definite they gone invest in it when I get rich

But I might decline and be a b**** ‘cause that’s just how it is

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