Devvon Terrell Drops an Ikonic Project Entitled ‘Weird Nights – The Intermission’

We know the project will be sure fire when artists clear their entire Instagram pages and post nothing but the album cover.

When discussing some of the most fabled creatives of our generation, we’d be a dunce not to mention the overly-skilled Devvon Terrell, from songwriting , to creative directing, to videography, to musical artistry, social media influence savvy, merchandising, branding – he’s a multimedia guru. Furthermore, he employs his platform and mass media influence to lyrically promote awareness, injustice, personal therapeutic narrative and good vibes – to name a few. Weird Nights – The Intermission features genres of pop, RnB, hip-hop and experimental frequencies showcasing his chameleon like sonic tendencies. 

We’ve heard his covers, Mash Up’s and remixes but his original music takes the cake, matter fact, the whole bakery.

From classic tunes like “Motions” to lyric laden tracks like “4am” to pop, imagery filled anthems like “Colors” Terrell truly unleashes his ,bound to be legendary, versatility. The original Weird Nights saga premiered in 2017, a featureless album brimming with 13 tracks and although this intermission session is only eight records ,almost half the length of its predecessor, it doesn’t lack in any capacity. 

With recent releases like “You Different,” “Business and Pleasure,” “Switching Sides” and controversial tunes like “N.F.L (No Fake Love)” it’s evident that Terrell never starves fans and keeps the content coming at a healthy momentum. We’ve seen the heavy Spotify and Times Square promotion for the lead single “Motions” but each track has that same notoriety potential. Which track will be your favorite, take a listen and comment your favorite records below!


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