“I’ll make you famous but the price is your soul,” – Camille sings.

Love and music duo Teddy and Camille collaboratively known as NUEX release their music video for “Billie” off their debut EP AFFECTUS. The Jessie Reyez “Gatekeeper” reminiscent tune details the perils of fame, greed, Lucifer soul gifting and stardom in a lyrically candid matter. The calm pocket fitting production allows the focus to remain on the penned narrative. Inspired by the life of the ikonic jazz, blues singer Billie Holiday, an artist who let her soul musically hemorrhage out amid her blatant battles with drug addiction, an abusive upbringing, rape, self-induced abortions and more.

“Named after Billie Holiday, who after a monumental career of firsts and achievements, died an alcoholic with cents to her name, ‘Billie’ explores the psyche of the star, and the struggle behind the desire to keep shining,” says the duo.

The black and white Abe Vilchez Moran and Kunitaro Ohi directed visual is minimal and stoic but easily received. A record laced with this quantity of elegiac acumen and reflection remains a pertinent induction into the musical archive of notable tunes, indulge below.


Listen to their EP Affectus below.



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