Leikeli47 Releases Sonically Colorful Three Track EP ‘Design’

Without a doubt, Leikeli47 represents an aural peculiarity that’s idiosyncratic to her being. Last featured for her canticle for Black Greeks entitled “Roll Call” she returns with three new records “Droppin’,””CIAA” and “Full Set” collaboratively titled Design. Her unorthodox approach to making music and her versatility from singer to rapper divorces her from the mob of “music-makers” in our current generation.

With production from Clyde N Harry, Gavin Williams and Michael Barney who co-produced “Full Set (A New Style)” with Leikeli herself, each record gifts a head-bob, retro feel. Her penned wit and runway-ready records gives her music an unmatched energy.

Indulge in her latest release below and stay tuned for her album Acrylic dropping on November 15th. 


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