Janine the Machine Releases ‘Oracle’ EP

“…I say what I dream.”

– Janine the Machine

Janine the Machine, last featured for her aurally versatile EP High Places, returns with another multifaceted project entitled Oracle. An artist of Janine’s rising magnitude doesn’t fit comfortably in boxed genres for her brilliant sonic experimentation divides her from the modern heap of alleged musicians.

Each track hearkens with a different bounce and listening experience. The first record “Aura” lyrically details how the young songstress plans to protect her energy, amid some haughty lyrical undertones and her intolerant ambience thus keeping her circle vital not miscellaneous. She’s shooing away any defeatist energy or treachery.

The second record “Reiki” slows us down a bit sifting through sultry vocals, sensual lyrics and yearning executions. Reiki is a healing technique based on energy transference via touch thus restoring physical and emotional well-being. We all crave someone with that type of healing power. She sings, “Read my vibrations, my body’s got your name on it,” gifting us her carnal side.

The final record “Oracle” details her good energy, eventual colossal heights , confidence and thankful nature. In essence this entire EP makes listeners aware of her energy consciousness and personal growth as an artist. Janine acts as a medium lyrically spewing out life lessons, wisdom and calculated metaphors in her music. Indulge in her latest release below available on all music distribution sites.


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