IKONIC VISUAL: Sophia Danai Shows Vulnerability in New Single “WYIL (When You’re In Love)”

Sophia Danai last featured for her soul yanking singles “Guns and Gold” and “Come Thru,” now returns with a heartfelt record entitled “WYIL (When You’re In Love),”the third single off her upcoming EP Real Lies. What’s so enthralling about this songstress is her ability to command listeners with her well-ranged vocals and deliberate execution. She possesses a knack for creating records you become intertwined with not just records you merely hear. Love, one of the most beautifully tumultuous life roller coasters, makes for riveting song content; Danai proves that.

Danai reflects, “It is a letter of compassion for those who are feeling isolated and alone in love. Sometimes we just love people; even when we shouldn’t, even when all the red flags are showing up. Unfortunately, for many people, this is how we learn. I was mistreating myself before I ended up in a relationship where I was mistreated. It was a true mirror for where I was at. As much as what happened wasn’t right or fair, it taught me so much about myself. The only way I have healed is by forgiving and accepting that we were only doing the best with what we had.”

Her penned imagery shows its face.

The stunning “WYIL”(When You’re In Love)” visual was shot on 16mm film and directed/edited by Jordan Findlay, alongside cinematographer Cole Graham (Daniel Caesar, Her). Her almost haunting vocals alongside the eerie visual truly compliment such a tune. Check out her latest release below.

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