IKONIC VISUAL: Tobe Nwigwe | SPICE. feat. SPICE ADAMS (The Originals)

“I gots to be / the best thing that pop out the Swat or possibly the next King with the thoughts of Socrates / Complete wit Pac and Pun…”

Tobe Nwigwe “Spice”

Conscience rapper doesn’t even begin to sum up the lyrical mind of Tobe Nwigwe, last featured for his single “Might Get Slid” featuring Young Deji (The Originals), he returns with another dope visual and record entitled “Spice feat. SPICE ADAMS (The Originals).” The LaNell Grant produced, Cory Washington and Chris Macek mixed and mastered single reeks with live instrumentation and minimal bass allowing listeners to narrow in on his unparalleled lyricism.

His effortless delivery and penned acuity puts him in the top MC’s of our generation. Furthermore, he releases music at a steady pace thus keeping his fan pulse throbbing. His orgulous and King imbued demeanor gifts his music a unique regalness. This record brims with personality from Spice Adams and Nwigwe alike. Check it out below.


SOCIAL YOUTUBE : http://youtube.com/tobenwigwe

TWITTER : http://twitter.com/tobenwigwe





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