Miss Ikonic’s ‘Fab Five Reasons Why You Need a Vocal Coach’ Podcast

I harp on the importance of vocal coaching quite often. Today I have taken the time out to record a brief podcast that touches on the imperativeness of a vocal coach. If you are an artist that takes their craft seriously – INVEST IN YOUR VOICE. The voice is a unique and complex instrument thus it must be trained.

‘Fab Five Reasons Why You Need a Vocal Coach’

  1. The Obvious

  2. Stage Performance

  3. Growth in Range

  4. Quality (Control) 

  5. Longevity 

    If you want to be legendary not momentary you have to make moves like an ikon and as a singer investing in your voice and honing your crafts are the most vital steps. Getting a vocal coach during your voices’ infancy allows the voice to grown and mature with the aid of a coach thus dismissing any bad singing habits you could pick up while merely singing on your own. Understanding the power, range, control and density of the voice puts you many steps ahead of your competition. Take a listen to my podcast below, learn something, share it, repost it and enjoy it! 


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