Ikonic Album: Leikeli47 Makes an Album for the Culture with ‘Acrylic’

We’ve waited patiently, listened to each single release and now the full length album Acrylic surfaces laced with 19 records booming with personality, cultural references , genre shifting and more. Leikeli47’s exploratory approach to music and ethic consciousness makes her a voice for our generation and pure nostalgia for the previous ones.

The definition of a creative who lives outside industry boxes would be Leikeli. Her lyrical references to Brooklyn, the apparent nail innuendos, blues infusions, runway-ready tunes, African American culture attributions, hip-hop, soul, her confident allure and well-oiled production makes this album nothing shy of simply amazing.

What will you gain from this project – musical genre oscillating, head-bobbing vibes, diary-like reflections, fun, good times and good music. You can learn about the urban culture through this album. It’s more than just a series of songs but the literal pulse of the black modern times. Check out her latest project below, available on all music distribution platforms.



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