Maggie Lindemann Releases Agelessly Personal New Single “Would I”

If some of your music doesn’t allow listeners to peer into your innermost thoughts, you’re doing it wrong. The Los Angeles based singer and songwriter, Maggie Lindemann, releases another classic and beautifully written tune to add to her flourishing musical catalog entitled “Would I.” Her viral debut single “Pretty Girl” introduced this stunning soul to the world and she hasn’t disappointed fans since her inception.

In 2017 she went on tour with The Vamps, secured a feature on their single “Personal,” amid stirring up her own fan pot with the release of another hit tune entitled “Obsessed.” Earlier this fall, millions of enthusiasts celebrated the release of her Halloween vibe, “Human” and their sure to react the same to her latest release.

“Would I” represents a record of sonic and penned therapy for Lindemann and listeners battling some of her same life turbulence. Success doesn’t equivocate to happiness when mental demons lurk and surface at a moments notice. She’s raw, open and lucid in this latest record, indulge below.

Maggie Lindemann sings:

Empty numbers on pay checks
Good days only on weekends
It’s so easy to miss the point
A-plus, call me a genius
Took my patience for weakness
I wish I would’ve had the choice


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