IKONIC VISUAL: Ginette Claudette – “Love Me Back”

Soul music surfaces in Ginette Claudette’s new single “Love Me Back” amid the pleasantly nostalgic August Rigo produced record and Soben Phy directed visual. Set to appear on her forthcoming project, On To Something, due out November 30th, this tune shines vocally and aurally.

She sings,”I be all up in the show like a natural, makes it hard when your the Ex and the Factor.” Her colorful play on words and the intoxicating melodies divorces this track from the masses. She’s open, pensive, cognizant and redeemed – can you love her back betwixt all that confidence and natural allure? It’s been three years since the release of her last project All The Way Back and the hiatus has served her well.  

Ginette reflects, “On most of the records, I’m having a conversation with myself. Creating this project has been a very therapeutic journey of self-discovery for me as a woman and an artist. On this new project, I start to peel back a lot of layers on a lot of the things I have been self-conscious about for so long and, until now, have held inside. For the first time, I was able to unapologetically say what I wanted while disregarding the outside pressures that I’ve faced for so long. And I am excited to share it with the world.”

Check out her latest visual below and stay tuned for the On To Something release November 30th.


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