EZI – “Family Tree”

The best musicians are the most rebellious of souls.

True musicians aren’t conformists and they don’t fit into society’s proverbial box. EZI represents the artistry of those ever-so-favorited Einstein like musical intellectuals with her new single “Family Tree.” More than a singer, she’s a lyrical author of epic imagery-filled proportions.

EZI reflects, “The ‘you’ in the song isn’t a  particular person. It’s about my experiences, my own relationships,  observations. This song isn’t me saying that conventional traditions  like marriage are bad rather that the ideologies and emotions associated  with them aren’t so black and white.” EZI continues “I was raised very  conservative by immigrant parents. I was taught to think that my  adulthood would be me going to college, getting married, settling down  and having a family in my twenties. I realize now though that the a lot  of these expectations put on me as a young women were projections of a  past generation’s experiences. Being 23 my life couldn’t be more  different.”

The times have changed and women have as well. The jaded and aged perceptions of a female’s duties and the time-frame in which they should accomplish such platitude standards has varied. EZI sings with fervor and vindication and tells an intrepid tale of living her own life, applying her own self-merit and building a legacy all her own not one sculpted out of the dated clay of mere marriage goals and child bearing. As a woman who has faced adversity from being an immigrant to her battle with dyslexia – she’s a survivor. Indulge in her latest release below.

EZI sings:

See, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
Should’ve known the way you’d be loving me
From the way I see you treat your family
Oh, hate, how you couldn’t help the way that you were raised
How I let you stay and grow on me
I need better than your family tree 

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