Feel Jas Releases Unapologetically Revealing Album ‘Dirty Poetry’

“And I can’t get back none of the p**** already spent, so I baptized my lips in Henny tried to repent…” – Feel Jas

It’s artists like Feel Jas that cause the music industry to turn on its’ axis a little, towards the free-spirited, poetic, personal souls making good ole’ music as a coping mechanism. With a sound that hearkens like a nostalgic dose of Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu amid a sound beautifully all her own but pleasantly influenced by the greats she sunders her artistry from the masses. Dirty Poetry isn’t just a mere hodgepodge of songs thrown together but it revels in a more Beatles Sergeant Peppers album-like structure thus meaning the album could play straight through as one long record.

Feel Jas reflects, “Most of the songs that I write or have written are my way of coping with emotional pain and trauma and turning it into something that people can view as beautiful.”

With the successful release of her debut project 6:07 in 2016, the two year hiatus has served her well. From exquisitely written records like “Let It Be” to bouncy tracks like “Homies” the energy shifts amid the content remaining pensively accurate and reflective. This body of work is truly timeless, the execution, the production, the unmatched lyricism and knack for story-telling, the somber yet uplifting writing makes this a literal sonic remedy for overcoming pain, wrong-doings, accepting growth and worth realizations. She represents lyrical activism in a way idiosyncratic to her story and past experiences. More than an album, it’s an awakening and a truth revealing serum brimming in legendary proportions.

Booking: feelmusic0489@gmail.com  |  Instagram: @Feel_Jas

Dirty Poetry : available on ALL music distribution sites.

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