IKONIC VISUAL: Rico Nasty – Countin’ Up | A COLORS SHOW

Rico Nasty steps into A Colors Show to perform her classic N.O.R.E “Superthug,” infused bassline record “Countin Up” off her debut album Nasty. There’s no better time to be a female in hip-hop, especially one laced in grit, dripping in confidence and swanking with a fire pen game. Tiny in stature but colossal in her delivery the DMV native MC goes off on her Colors Show rendition of one nostalgic yet modern tune. Check it out below.

Ikonic lyrics:

I’m the b**** with the long hair and the top off
Talk tough, like a bottle top, we twist your top off
Had to hit the turn quick, just to get the narcs off
I’m the real deal shawty and you just the knock off
Shake it up – no Coca Cola, I’m the one that pop off
Hit me on my Motorola if you need some narcos

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