Bibi Bourelly Gifts Us Politcally Blunt New Single and Visual Aptly Titled “White House”

Some artists merely make songs and then there are artists ,like Bibi Bourelly, that curate statements. Her latest statement surfaces in her new single “White House,” a daring record that touches on our unsuitable President, social, political and racial injustices, natural disasters and their aftermath amid imperative cultural references as well. The thought-inducing visual just brings the record around full circle.

Many artists have spoken on our current President and his inadequacies. Bibi Bourelly is the latest to do it but certainly not the last. “White House” is a critical record for crucial times, check it out below.

Ikonic lyrics:

I’m scared New York gonna drown
Mr. Fireman, the empire is falling down
What about all the lil Jay-Zs?
What about all the lil Biggies?
What about all of the free CDs bumping
And all of the sneaker shops on 8th street?

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