Liam Bailey Battles with Self in New Single “You Saw the Devil in Me”

Why make music if it doesn’t feed your soul, lull your subconscious and force you to face your engulfed Lucifers?

Nottingham soul musician Liam Bailey gears up to release his fourth studio EP titled Brand New on February 1, 2019. The second single off the EP entitled ‘You Saw The Devil In Me’ recently surfaced and what an astonishing record it is, dripping in profound lyricism and rupturing bellows. The jounce of the record revels in the simple yet compelling chorus amid his stunning performance. The Rich Cooper produced ballad, although minimal, swells perfectly around his robust vocals.

Speaking about the inspiration for ‘You Saw The Devil In Me’, Liam Bailey says, “I was trying to find a calm quiet space to think. At the time I was finding it hard to be real in my writing. The lyrics came about after quite an intense therapy session, where I was forced to be introspective and face difficult truths about how I’d been living. For the video, I was performing in Bulgaria, and once we saw how beautiful the country was, it made sense to film there – it feels introspective but there’s hope in it, and the sunrise landscape gives it a sense of rebirth as well”.

Our previous pains and experiences can immure us in ways we didn’t fathom but to overcome we must address our demons head on. The James Beale directed and Bulgaria stationed visual permits the record to take the much-deserved limelight anchoring the audience into his conspicuously impassioned production, indulge below.






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