IKONIC VISUAL: Jorja Smith – “The One”

The British singer and Grammy nominee for Best New Artist, Jorja Smith, releases the visual to one of her Lost & Found album favorites, “The One.” Last featured for her stunning singles “Teenage Fantasy” and “Beautiful Little Fools,” she returns with this captivating and lugubrious Hector Dockrill directed visual revealing her emotion in genius simplicity. The motel shot depiction marvels in her beauty but also allows listeners to zoom in on her lyricism.

Love, the most discussed song topic, takes a twist on Smith’s single. “The One” cascades over her love and hate, her unpreparedness, her pain and her independence. Hopefully, this young gem wins this years Grammy’s and of course 2019 will be a big musical year for an artist with this level of innate talent. Indulge in her latest release below.

Ikonic lyrics:

Never had to walk for love
Don’t need you to show me how
Don’t want to be falling in
When I’m falling out
Didn’t think I’d give for love
Every time I hold it back
Now there’s lust in my head
I’m tryna find who I am

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