Queen Naija Lets Us Hear Her Spiritual Battle Sob in “War Cry”

It’s records like “War Cry” that remind the world of why we love music.

Queen Naija, an R&B sensation no doubt, also utilizes her voice to not only croon about love but her spiritual strengths as well. Rich, poor, famous or not we all struggle with daily turbulence nonsecular and otherwise. Naija reminds the dark entities that they can’t take hold of her mind or her soul – God has that grip. Lyrically this record delves into our modern injustices, the crippling state of our country, Pastors false teaching and more.

With her hit single “Medicine” hitting number one on the Adult R&B charts, “War Cry” follows quickly behind that acclaim showcasing a tendentious side of the young songstress brimming in power and emotive vocals. She’s performed this single at some of her shows but now the boastful, heart-rending official recording has surfaced amid its availability on all music distribution platforms. Indulge below in the audio and a live performance.

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