Phé Releases Stunning Debut EP ‘CRISIS’

Music, more personal than a fingerprint, marvels in those idiosyncrasies through Vancouver born, Los Angeles based artist Phé and her debut EP CRISIS. “CRISIS is an honest and open exploration of myself and sound at a time where I had to decide if I wanted to be a victim of heartbreak or use that discomfort as inspiration for growth”, reveals Phé. Subsisting in a generation haunted by the need to feel numb to the worlds perils it’s always refreshing to hear an artist that dives deep into her pool of emotions. Each record delves a little deeper into her feelings of love, heartbreak, female sexuality and sexual exploration, healing, mental health and self-empowerment.

One of the records off the EP, “About Us” speaks to that moment when you can look back at a toxic relationship and see it for what it really was. “It is my anthem of self-worth, self-realization and was my way of giving myself what I truly deserved — which was the freedom to move on and own the power of loving myself ”, confides Phé. Amazingly enough, each tune from climaxing tracks like “Crisis” to vividly penned records like “Feel You” all bathe in the profundity of her soul. This body of work oozes in passion, pain and realizations.

The singer declares, “It’s really important for young people to be able to see themselves reflected back in the media and popular culture. It makes them feel understood and shows them that they are part of something greater than themselves. I think everyone deserves to be seen and heard”. Indulge in her debut release below.

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