Hardo Interviews with The New Wave Podcast & Discusses Proper Management, Legacy, Music Industry Knowledge, His Rising Fan Base and More

Everyone needs to watch this interview. Rather you’re in the music business or not the knowledge Hardo drops in this interview can benefit everyone!

Pittsburgh native rap phenomenon Hardo sits down with The New Wave Podcast and drops some real gems for this generation to live by. The music industry is over-saturated with wanna-be thugs, momentary fame seekers, Instagram sensations, overnight viral wonders and substance-less content but in the heap of trash gold like Hardo still manages to surface, rising far above this generations gibber-jabber. During his interview, he touches on the importance of real streams like Spotify calculations, Mac Miller’s impact on his introduction to the music industry, his blooming fan base, music business knowledge and more.

What will you gain by watching this interview ?

There are very few artists that have the mentality, life perception, history and humility that Hardo embodies. He teaches you not only how to move in the music business but in life. If you give off authenticity it will be returned back to you 10 fold. It’s his intelligence and ability to learn from his mistakes, multiple incarcerations, past “career” choices and his modern rise to real fame that sunders this musician from the masses. He doesn’t swank about his previous life choices like the bulk of modern day artists do. He realized he can get real money, in the millions, without having to look over his shoulder but by making music and building himself as a brand.

Hardo will be a pioneer not just as a musician but as a person. He’s a legend in the Pittsburgh music scene and a rising international artist that’s already worked with the likes of 21 Savage, Wiz Khalifa, Jimmy Wopo, Mac Miller, Meek Mill and more. His legacy ,although in the beginning stages, looks very promising indeed.

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