Russell Elliot Gifts Us a Revealing Ballad for the Holidays

One might expect Russell Elliot’s new record “Holiday Party” to be a cheery, jovial, cliché holiday anthem but instead he gifts us a different spin, one that lyrically details promiscuity, infidelity and worth realizations. The Brooklyn based crooners flawless execution amid his personal lyricism forces listeners to truly feel this record. The minimal yet climatic production allows partakers to focus in on Elliot’s stunningly trained vocals and his beautiful range.

“Don’t know how we got so far gone, don’t know what’s kept me here this long and I know that you could spin your stories, talk some more please, I could always catch you in a lie,“ sings Elliot.

Relationships aren’t just the public joining of two souls but the growth, building, trust and journey there after that molds the shaping of a real union. Rather it’s a Holiday Party or just a regular night on the town, act accordingly per the standards and respect of your relationship with your significant other. Elliot, fed up, tormented by betrayal but wiser now crafts a classic ballad oozing in orgasmic vocal tendencies. Soul music fumes from the young talent, indulge in his latest release below. 

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