IKONIC VISUAL: Meek Mill “Trauma”

Last week Meek Mill released the visual to the “Intro” record off his Championships album and this week he returns with the visual to the second single off the album “Trauma.” This album , hands down, is one of Meek’s best bodies of work and it’s records like this one that remind us of why he deserves to be discussed in topics of hip-hop preeminence. Lyrically the Philly MC tells his story of trials and tribulations, the prevalence of drug addiction in urban communities, the unjust and corrupt legal system and his humble corner beginnings.

The visual brings his penned imagery to life taking viewers to the slums and the trenches where the hustle, death and enslavement begins. His son appears throughout the video as well. The emotion was already apparent in this track but now you can see it. Check it out below.

Ikonic lyrics:

And even worst, my judge black don’t wanna see me do well
It’s either that or black people for sale
Gave me two to four years like, “F*** your life, meet me in hell”
And let it burn like Lucifer, you look even stupider
Tryna impress them people in power when power abusin’ us
For 44 dollars a hour, you coward they using ya

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