Artists to Watch Out for in 2019

2019 will be a year of good music, real music ideally. The artists listed below, in no particular order, are some musical gems I believe we all should look out for in the upcoming year.

  1. Chika : The Instagram sensation and ,more imperatively, fire MC, Chika will lead the way for highly anticipated female artists of 2019. Real hip-hop will not die because of indulgers such as she.

  2. Devvon Terrell : This goes without saying but Devvon Terrell will dominate in 2019 and produce crazy numbers. His sound, lyrical savvy, industry genius and blooming fan base will catapult him to well deserved heights.

  3. N.R : The singing sensation whose debut project Before Its Too Late has already grossed over 1,000,000 streams will inevitably evolve in the upcoming year. Real RnB makes a glorious comeback in artists such as NR.

  4. Billie Eilish : A teenager cultivating music that brims with lyrical complexities, depth, visual anomalies and a knack for penned open explication describes Billie Eilish in a nutshell. In 2019 she will only expand.

  5. Cardi B : Some people think the Bronx native MC will be a faze but in 2018 she proved the exact opposite and 2019 will be another enormously successful year for this industry’s most favorite new star.

  6. Haisha Porter : The bubbling songstress with the wicked pen game and stunning aesthetics will introduce the world to her magnitude of talent in 2019, no doubt.

  7. Tosh Thugette : The raunchy Pittsburgh native rapper has already set her city ablaze with fans in the thousands but in 2019 she’ll truly kick off her music career launching her into the pool of female rappers that know how to swim not sink.

  8. Lord Owen : The undeniable lyrical cannon will blast into 2019 in a colossal way making this generation fully aware of the presence of real wordsmiths.

  9. Keaira Lashae : The artist, songwriter, fitness guru, author and entrepreneur with hundred of millions of youtube views and successful music streams will showcase her talent on an even larger scale in the upcoming year, stay woke.

  10. Hardo : The Pittsburgh bred MC with the international appeal will confirm that claim in 2019, just watch.

  11. Greg Whiskey : The artist that amalgamates singing and rapping will make his sound blare from speakers all over the world. In 2019 he will be releasing his debut EP thus truly kicking off his already promising career.

  12. Jaylii : Already coined a 2018 favorite, Jaylii will not let up in 2019 for the momentum of 2018 was ever-present for the build-up of another ikonic year.

  13. Poiison : Fresh off her You Could Die from this Tour, tour, Poiison’s idiosyncratic sound and overly-cool swagger and demeanor will make her quite the lit fuse for this approaching year.

  14. Meek Mill : Championships, one of his most thorough bodies of works to date some how feels like the beginning of a new era of Meek that he will only further protrude in this upcoming year, trust.

  15. Tobe Nwigwe : What a lyricist ! In 2019 people will truly catch whiff of his legendary aroma dripping in Black pride, unmatched wordplay, mental cognizance and worldwide appeal.

Each one of these artists will shine in 2019 and not a soul in sight will be able to dim their light, stay tuned.

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