Natalie Orfilia Gives Men a Dose of Their Own Medicine with New Single “You on You”

In the music industry, if you want to be an ikon and not just merely a moment you must possess versatility, style, allure, talent and a relentless grind. Natalie Orfilia last featured for her classic anthem “Threesome” returns with another sure-fire jam aptly titled “You on You.” Most men and women alike can dish out all their hogwash but can’t handle it being thrown back at them. This generation, like none other, remains doused in half-men drenched in commitment issues but “I want you to be all mine” suitors and openly flirtatious alleged companions but try sprinkling just a dash of their own medicine in their coffee and watch them boil.

The playfully accurate OPNSZN shot visual displays a beautiful and fiery Natalie ducking calls, flirting with walker-by’s and purposeful late arrivals. Her nostalgic Tommy Hilfiger fit amid her classic Cadillac whip gives this visual a feel-good vibe dripping in retribution and confidence. This vocal sensation and her valorous conduct in an industry highly sought after but not typically survived will inevitably slingshot her to well-deserved heights. The Chicago native singer-songwriter gifts us a catchy tune that we all can relate to, kicking 2019 off strong; indulge below.

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